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Modern Literary Novels

They will tug at your Heart and reaffirm your Faith

"It was his faith in God...

Tico de la Fuente believed in God and strong family values that inspired him throughout his life, so that no matter what the circumstance, this American immigrant hero faced in his life with humility, bravery, and laughter." 

An American Immigrant Hero is but one story, a modern literary novel inspired by one life of the very real, extraordinary immigrant men.

Do you believe in Angels... 

​​covered in Fur?

Scruggs and Samantha is not only a touching story of a special golden dog and a precious black kitten it is also a relationship guide for contemporary marriages as well as a story about life, love, loss, and redemption. Most of all, the book is a testament to the power of prayer, faith in God and His angels, and the healing power of love. 

It starts with a knock on your door

Designed for anyone who has ever been arrested, or stopped by the police and wondered what's going to happen next,

A Layman's Guide to Criminal Defense answers these questions in straightforward, non-lawyer speak.